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Amateur Porn with Dawson, AJ and more.
The new look of Jirka Gregor
Ross Taylor - Hairy no more?
Brodie Sinclair's new tattoos
TJ Cummings Interview
I've got semi-gossip that's on fire . . . or should I say FDNY
Gay Porn Stuffs on the NET 3
Mark Zebro - gay, bi and str8

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Male Porn Stars - Yahoo Groups (Arranged By First Names)
Note: To join a group, you need a Yahoo ID to log in. Yahoo ID is free.

Letter A: Aaron Austin, Adam Faust, Adam Grant, Adam Hart, Adam Koch, Adam Kubick, Adriano Lazzari, Aiden Shaw Fans, Aiden Shaw, Al Parker Fans, Alan Connery Fans, Alec Martinez, Alec Powers Fans, Alex Chandler, Alex Fuerte, Alexander Fuerte Fans, Alexie Gromoff, Ales Hanak, Ales Hanak, Alex Mikhal Fans, Alex Rossi Fan Club, Alex Wilcox, Alexandru Cuza, Alfredo Castaldo, Andy Hunter, Anthony Gallo Fans, Anthony Gallo, Anthony Gallo 2, Anthony Gallo Fan Group, Anthony Marino, Anthony Shaw, Anton Harri, Antonio York, Antonin Devos, Antonio Montez, Ari Bond, Arik Travis Dedication Group, Arpad Miklos, Arpad Miklos Fans, Asthon Star, Austin Wayne Fan Club and Axel Garret Fan Club.

Letter B: Barrett Long, Beautiful Bi Men, Bekim, Ben Jakks, Benjamin Bradley Fans, Belami Men, Belami Studio News, Belami Studio Pics, Bel-Ami Brasil, Best Black Male Stars, Bill Henson, Billy Brandt Fans, Billy Brandt Number 1 Fan, Billy Brandt Fans, Bisexual MMF Fun 01, Blade Thompson Fan Club, Blake Harper Fans, Blake Harper, Blake Riley, Blake Riley My Friend, Blu Kennedy, Bo Dixon Universal, Bolek Polanski, Brad Cox, Brad Mitchell, Brad Patton, Brad Patton Fans, Brad Patton Adult Star, Brad Patton Hung, Brad Patton, Brad Slater, Brad Star, Brad Stone, Brandon Lee Fantasy Club, Brandon Chase 1985, Brandon Manilow, Brent Everett, Brent Everett 2, Brent Everett Video Clips, Bret Wolfe Fanns, Brett Mycles Group, Brett Winters, Brian Hansen Fan Club, Brian Hawks, Brian Maxon, Brodie Sinclair, Bruce Jennings and Brush With Fame.

Letter C: Caesar Forever, Cameron Jackson, Cameron Jackson 2, Cameron Jackson, Cameron Sage, Carey Lexes, Carl Hardwick Universal, Carlo Festa, Carlos Baxter, Castro, Chad Douglas Hung Dad, Chad Hunt, Chad Hunt Video, Chad Hunt Fan Club, Chad Knight, Chad Tomas, Chance, Chance, Chase Hunter, Chaykin Brothers and Friends, Chi Chi La Rue, Chip Noll, Chip Noll Vids, Chris Neal, Chris Rockway, Chris Steele Fans, Chris Stone Lovers, Chris Williams, Chris Russel, Christian Owen, Christian Taylor Hot, Christopher Scott, Chuck DiRocco, Classic Male Porn Stars, Classic Male Porn Stars 2, Classic Male Stars 2, Claudio Antonelli, Cody Foster, Colby Taylor Hot Gay, Cole Ryan, Cole Tucker, Colin O'neal, Collin Jennings, Colt Studio, Colton Ford Fans, Corey Summer Fans, Crazy 4 Classic Males, Crazy 4 Classic Red Heads and Czech Slovak Guys.

Letter D: Dakota James, Damien Crosse, Daniel Avedon, Daniel Kriley, Daniel Montesa, Danny Lopez Fans, Danny Rhymes, Danny Rhymes, Danny Sommers Fan Club, Danny Vox, Darin Hawk, Dave Russel, David Ashfield, DC Chandler, DC Chandler Fans, Dean Coulter Fans, Dean Coulter Hot Bear, Dean Monroe, Dean Phoenix Fans, Derek Cameron, Derek Cameron Superstar, Derek Cameron Fan Club, Derek Cameron Group, Derek Russo, Devin Davenport, Dick Competition, Diego and Friends, Diesel, Dino Dimarco Fans, Dino Phillips Fan Club, Dirk Jager, Dominik Trojan, Doug Jeffries, Dred Scott and Dylan Reece.

Letter E: Eddie Stone, Eduardo, Eduardo Shrine, Eric Carlin, Eric Hanson Online, Eric Hanson Klub, Eric Hanson, Eric Manchester Fans, Eric Mendoza Fans, Eric Rio, Eric York - Hunk of Finland, Eric York Fans, Eric York, Eric York of Finland, Erick Rhodes Big Hunk, Erik Rhodes, Erik Rhodes, Ethan Masters Fan, and Euro Gay Males.

Letter F: Fabio Scorpion, Fabrice Felder, Falcon’s Men, Fav Gay Stars, Favorite Gay Stars, Fernando Montana, Fernando Nielsen, Fernando Nielsen Movies, Filippo Romano Fans, Forro 2, Francesco Macho, Francois Sagat, Francios Sagat Fans, Francois Sagat Fans, Frank Evans Club, Frank Towers Live, Fred Fele, Fred Goldsmith and Fred Goldsmith Fan Club.

Letter G: Gage Weston, Gay Elysium, Gay Entertainment Gods, Gay Porn Pics, Gay Star with Boots, Gay Starz Too, Gay Str8 Porn Debate, Gene Lamar, George Basten, George Vidanov, Gianfranco, Giorgio Canali Fans, Giorgio Roberto, Gods - heavenly male creatures, Gordon Grant, Gus Mattox, Guys from East Europe 3, and Guys from West Europe.

Letter H: Hank Hightower Adult Star, Hans Ebson Fan Group, Helmut Muller, Horst Peter, HMAS (Hottest Male Adult Movie Stars), Falcon_freshmen House of Falcon, Huessein and Hungarian Guys.

Letter I: Ion Davidov, Italian Men Fun Club and Ivan Mrozek.

Letter J: J.T. Sloan Jack Laurel, Jack Jockey Stars, Jack Ryan, Jack Wrangler Club, Jack Simmons, Jack Surf, Jake Andrews Fans 2, Jake Taylor, Jamie Donovan, Janos Volt, Jao Pauzao, Japan Mizrahi, Jarett Fox Fan Club, Jason Adonis, Jason Adonis Fan Club, Jason Branch, Jason Crew Fans, Jason Crew, Jason Hawke, Jason Hawke, Jason Kingsley, Jason McCain Fans, Jason Novak, Jason Ridge, Jason Tyler Fans, Jason Tyler, Jeff Palmer, Jeff Palmer, Jeff Quinn, Jeff_stryker Jeff Stryker, Jeff Stryker Lovers, Jeremy Jordan, Jeremy Jordan, Jeremy Jordan, Jeremy Hall, Jeremy Penn, Jesse Santana, Jherrad Lopez, Jim Bentley, Jim Slade Fans, Joe Foster, Joe Foster, Joe Landon, Joe Landon Vids, Joe Landon Superstar, Joe Romero Group, Joe Simmons, Joey Jay, Johan Volny, John Davenport, John Rocklin, Johnny Hanson Fans, Johnny Harden Fan Club, Johnny Hazzard, Johnny Hazzard Fans, Jon Galt Group, Jon King, Jonathan Collins Fans, Jonathan Collins, Jordan Rivers, Jordan Young Fans, Jorden Michaels, Jordi Cosimo, Jorge Martinez, Jose Ganatti, Josh Harting, Josh Harting, Josh Weston, Josh Weston Haven, Josh Vaughn, Julian Vincenzo, Julian Vincenzo, Julian Vincenzo, Julio Carillo, Justin Dragon and Justin Revel Fans.

Letter K: Kamil Fox, Kane O'Farrell, Kane O'Farrell Fans, Karel Rok, Ken Ryker and Pals, Ken Ryker, Ken Ryker Worship Shrine, Ken Ryker, Ken Ryker, Ken Ryker's Return, Ken Ryker Rules, Kent Larson Fan Club, Kevin Dean 2, Kevin Wiles, Kevin Williams Bottom, Kings of Porno, Kip and Scott Noll, Kristen Bjorn, Kristen Bjorn Exclusive, Kurt Marshall, Kurt Stefano, Kurt Wagner, Kurt Young Fans, Kyle Becker and Kyle McKenna Fans.

Letter L: Ladislav Pekar, Lance Our Star, Lance Fan, Lane Fuller, Lee Ryder, Legendary Male Stars, Leo Brahm Fans, Lex Baldwin, Lex Kyler, Lon Flexx, Lucas Foz, Luciano Endino, Lucio Maverick, Luis Barra, Luke Garrett Fans Group and Luke Savage.

Letter M: Male Adult Stars In Underwear, Male Explosion, Male Magazine, Male Porn Star's Feet, Marc Anthony, Marc Anthony Vids, Marc Williams, Marcello Cabrall, Marco Antonio, Marco Paris, Marcus Iron Fans, Mark Baxter, Mark Dalton, Mark Dalton is Sexy, Mark Dalton Worship, Mark Dalton Stuff, Mark Dalton and Matthew Rush, Mark Dalton official Yahoo Group, Mark Hunter, Mark Jennings Dan Parks Club, Mark Slade, Mark Wolff Gay Star, Mark Zebro, Martin Mazza Fans, Martin Sandor, Martin Sandor More, Mason Wyler, Mason Wyler Group, Masculine Men in Action, Matt Bradshaw, Matt Cole, Matt McGrath, Matt Cole, Matt Phillipe, Matt Sizemore, Matt Spencer, Matt Summers, Matthew Anders, Matthew Rush, Matthew Rush, Matthew Rush Adult Star, Matthew Rush Group, Matthew Rush Gay Model, Matthew Rush Mega Fan Club, Matthew Rush, Matthias Vannelli, Max Grand Beautiful, Max Grand, Max Grand Fan Club, Max Grand, Maxx Diesel, fans of, Men of Porn - Mailing List, Men of Color Video Stars, Men Mag, Michael Lucas, Mike Branson, Mike Branson Fans, Mike DeMarco, Mike Henson, Mike Lamas, Mike Lofton, Mike Roberts, Mitch Branson, More Favorite Gay Video Stars, More Male Stars and their Feet, My Hot Sexy Men, Mylan Forman and Myles Camack.

Letter N: Nick Capra, Nick da'Kannon, Nikolas Kiss and Nino Bacci Lovers.

Letter O: Owen Hawk, Owen Hawk Star and Omer Fan Club.

Letter P: P-Rock, Paolo Cortez, Patrick Vesesky, Pavel Matous, Pavel Novotny Gay Starz, Pavel Novotny Babe, Paul Morgan's Place, Paul Morgan Fans, Peter Krisztia, Peter Kristia, Peter Morales, Peter Shaft, Peter Stallion, Pierre Fitch and Ralph Woods, Pierre Fitch, Pierre Fitch Fans and Pietro Rosselli.

Letter Q to R: Rafael Alencar, Rafael Alencar, Rafael Carreras, Ralph Woods, Raphael Leban, Ray Phillips, Ray Stockwell, Reece Richard Fans, Renato Bellagio, Rex Chandler, Richie Fine, Richie Rennt's Feet, Rick Bauer, Rick Cassidy, Rick Chase, Rick Donovan, Rick Hammersmith, Rick Perry, Ricky Martinez, Rico Dulce & Rocky Armano, Rob Garretto, Rob Romoni, Robert Balint, Robert Balint, The Best, Robert Vandamme, Rocco Brazill Group, Rock, Rocky, Rockland Brothers, Rod Majors, Rogerio Mateo, Rolf Kristen, Roman Heart, Roman Heart, Ross Taylor, Ross Taylor Mania, Ryan Wade Fan Club, Ryan Zane and Ryann Wood.

Letter S: Sam Crockett Fan Club, Sammy Case, Sascha and Roman Chaykin, Scott Gunz Superstar, Scott Hannah, Scott Randsome Fans, Scott Randsome, Sean Paris, Sean Storm, Sebastian Bonnet, Sebastian Cruz, Sebastian Cruz, Sebastian Rivers, Sergei Jordanov, Sergio Foster, Shane Collins, Shane Rollins, Shawn Capa, So You Want to be in Gay Videos, Spencer Quest, Steve Fox, Steve Hammond, Steve Kelso Worship, Steve Kelso, Steve Marks, Steve O'Donnell, Steve O'Donnell Fans, Stonie, Stu Neal Bowman White Trash Fag, Studio 18, Studio 2000 Men and Surname Noll.

Letter T: Tag Adams, Talvin DeMachio, Tanner Hayes, Ted Colunga Residence, Ted Colunga, Ted Cox Club, Tibor, Tico Martin, Tim Hamilton, Tim Kramer Club, Thom Barron, Tod Parker, Todd Barron - The Men of Style Featuring Todd Barron, Todd Hunter, Todd Winters, Tom Chase, Tom Chase Fans, Tom Colt Fans, Tom Steele, Tom Vacarro, Toma Dvorak, Toma Dvorak, Tommy Blade Fan Club, Tommy Brandt, Tommy Sax, Tony Donovan Fans, Tony Donovan Rox, Tony Nero, Tony Valentino, Top Porn Cocks of All Time, Tory Mason, Travis Wade Fans, Trent Atkins, Trent Atkins, Trent Fosters, Trenton Comeaux, Trevor Knight, Try Casteel, Tristan Adonis, Tristan Adonis 2, Tristan Paris, Tuck Johnson, Ty Fox, Ty Fox aka J Steele, Ty Lattimore Entertainment, Ty Russell, Tyler Hill and Tyler Riggz.

Letter U to Z: Victor Racek 2, Victor Rios, Vilem Cage, Vin Marco, Vince Ditonno, Vince Rockland, Wade Peters and Marc Anthony, Wilfried Knight, Wilson Vasquez, Wilson Vasquez, Yves Carradine, York Powers, Zach Richard Fans, Zackary Pierce, Zak Spears Devotional Site, Zak Spears Devotion, Zdeno Reif, Zeb Atlas, Zeb Atlas, Zeb Atlas and Zoltan Nichols.

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Straight Male Porn Stars - Yahoo Groups (Arranged By First Names)
Note: To join a group, you need a Yahoo ID to log in. Yahoo ID is free.

Letters A to F: Alex Rox, Alexandre Frota Fans, Andrea Nobili, Andreas Moranti, Anton Adamos, Antonin Devos, Billy Glide Fan, Bobby Vitale, Brian Pumper, Castro Str8 Up, Chip Nicolas, Classic Str8 Male Adult Star, Colt Steele, Colt Steele Fan Club, Dante and Charlie, Danny Boy, Denis Marti, Derek Russo, Eric Everhard, Euro Male Stars, Fausto Moreno, Frank Gunn, Frank Major Fan, Frank Shaft and Friendly Fire Cumshot.

Letters G to M: George Reno, George Uhl, Gorgeous Bi Guys ,Grant Michaels, Guide to Str8 Male Stars, Guyz Eatin Snatch, Hakan, Hakan Joel Vids, Hakan, Hot Horny Male Stars, Hot Sexy Str8 Men, Ian Scott, Jack Lawrence, Jack Venice, Jack Venice, James Bonn Fan Club ,James Brossman, James Deen, James Lewis, Jayce Xaveri, Jean Val Jean, Jerry Butler, Jerry Kovach, Joachim Kessef Fan Club, Joe Black, Joe Monti Group, Joe Zaso, Joel Lawrence, John E Depth, John West, Johnny Castle, Johnny Castle, Johnny Castle Exposed, Joey Murphy, Jon Dough, Jon Dough, Jon Vincent, Jonathan Simms, Jordan Perry, Julian Rios, Julian Rios Crib, Julian Rios, Julian Rios Fans 2, Julian Rios Fan Group, Justin Syder Fan Club, Karl Ben Male Star, Kris Knight, Kris Slater, Kris Slater Stud Puppy, Kurt Lockwood, Kyle Stone Adult Legend, Lee Henshaw, Lexington Steele, Lucky Star, Male Adult Stars For You, Male Porn Stars, Mandingo Files, Manuel Rosari, Marco G, Marcus, Marcus London, Mario Rossi, Mark Davis, Martin Dante, Martin Kaspar, Maxx Bixel Shrine, Men 4U Str8 Male Adult Stars Solo, Michael Scorpio Fans, Mick Blue and Mr. Pete.

Letters N to S: Nacho Vidal, Neeo Czech, Nick Lang Shrine, Nico Stallone Offical Fan Club, Omar, Phat Zane, Philippe Dean, Preston Parker, Ramon Nomar Fans, Randy Spears & Herschel Savage, Randy Spears, Randy Spears Space, Ray Victory, Ricardo Bell, Ricky, Rico Strong, Rico Strong Fan Club, Rico Strong, Ruka Stone, Scott Gun, Scott Irish, Scott Nails, Sebastian Barrio, Sebastian Barrio, Sensation Male Stars, Shane Diesel, Shane Diesel, Sledge Hammer Discussion Club, Steve Drake, Steve Drake, Steve Hooper Website, Steeve Hooper Crib, Steve Hooper Fans Too, Steve Hooper Fans 2, Steve Hooper Fan Club, Steve Hooper 4u, Steve Hooper Ultimate, Steve Hooper XL, Steve Hooper Lovely Hunk, Str8 Guys Showing Hole, Str8 Flicks, Str8 Male Adult Stars, Str8 Male Flicks, Str8 Male Stars, Straight Adult Male Star, Straight Male Stars, Straight Men doing Women and Men, Str8 Men in my Dreams, Straight Video Links, and Sunny Green.

Letters T to Z: The Big Machos, Thomas Stone, Titus Steele, TJ Cummings, TJ Cummings Hot, Tom Byron, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Gunn, Tony Eveready, Trent Tesoro, Trent Tesoro Fan Club, Trent Tesoro Fans, TT Boy and Lex Baldwin, Tyce Bune, Tyler Knight, Ultimate Str8 Male Stars, Woody Long, VooDoo For Fans, Zenza Raggi, Zenza Raggi and Zenza Raggi 2.

Male Porn Stars - Google Groups

Letters A to Z: Ace Harden, Barrett Long, Bel Ami Studio News, Benjamin Bradley, Boys from BelAmi + Message Archive, Brent Everett, Cade Devilin, Chad Thomas, Chip Noll, Classic Male Porn Stars, Colt Studio Gay Man Movies, Czech Slovaks and Hungarian Guys, Ettore Tossi, Frank Prantalous, Gay Rimming Ass, Jason Ridge, Joe Landon, Josh Harting, Lance Our Star, Marc Anthony, Male Porn Stars, Maxx Diesel, Pavel Novotny, Pavel Novotny Fans, Pierre Fitch, Playgirl Males, Roman Heart, Sean Paris, Sebastian Bonnet, Trent Atkins, Ty Fox, Tyler Gunn and Zdeno Reif..

Archives of Men of Porn - Galleries


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