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NOTE: To receive pictures, set delivery of emails to Individual Messages. Attachments in messages are not anymore stored online.

Moderated: All messages sent are approved by the Moderator of the group. Less or no Spam.
Restricted Membership: A requirement is needed prior to joining. In most cases, the age in your profile ( must be shown.

Anton Adamos

Description: This is a fan group dedicated to Anton Adamos, the very hot European, adult model. He is one of the hottest and hung horse men of all time and has shown his abilities, handsome face, hot body, pencil eraser nipples, and huge bent uncut cock, in many magazines and a few videos.
Messages: Moderated.

Alex Rox

Description: The group for hunky Alex
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 20 pictures and 1 video of Alex Rox
Photos: 57 pictures of Alex Rox, solo and action

Alexandre Frota Fans

Description: Alexandre Frota - Site dedicated to the Brazilian actor,model and adult film star Share photos, information and video clips
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 1 video of Alexandre Frota
Photos: 58 pictures of Alexandre Frota, solo and action.

Andreas Moranti

Description: Amazing Stud aka: Andrea Moranti
Messages: Un-moderated.

Adam Wilde

Description: A group for fans of big, beefy, masculine stud Adam Wilde. All posts must include at least one scan of Adam or pertinent information about him.
Messages: Moderated.
Files: 4 videos of Adam Wilde.
Photos: 123 pictures of Adam Wilde, solo and action

Andrea Nobili

Description: Welcome to the group of the erotic actor Andrea Nobili, I am his fan I number one, and for my it is a pleasure to create this group, in this space will try, to put photos and informaros of you complete films of this great actor.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 1 video of Andrea Nobili
Photos: 9 pictures of Andrea Nobili, solo and action.

Antonin Devos

Description: This is a fan group dedicated to the extremely versatile adult super star Antonin Devos (aka: Michael Berk, Michael Berky, Michael Berg, Michael Berry and Basti Weber). Antonin has one of the biggest, uncut, horse dicks of all time; which he uses equally well on females, males and tranies. He has shown his handsome face, trim body, and schlong, in videos and a few magazines.
Messages: Moderated.

Bobby Vitale

Description: Bobby Vitale best adult film star.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 55 pictures of Bobby Vitale, solo and action.

Brian Surewood

Description: Long overdue group for this scruffy, superhot stud - Brian Surewood
Messages: Moderated.
Photos: 128 pictures of Brian Surewood, solo and action

Billy Glide Fan

Description: The All American Jock - Billy Glide
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: Pictures of Billy Glide from Photos section.
Photos: 200++ pictures of Billy Glide

Barrett Blade

Description: This group is dedicated to the hottest and most energetic adult actor, Barrett Blade
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 200++ pictures of Barrett Blade

Brian Pumper

Description: Hot Black mMmuffin!
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 6 videos of Ryan in action and some action pictures.
Photos: 30 pictures of Brian Pumper, action.

Classic Str8 Male Adult Star

Description: This site is dedicated to the str8 male adult star and the hot sex scene of the golden era.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 3 videos
Photos: 185 pictures of different Straight Male Porn Stars.

Colt Steele

Description: For fans of the hot, beefy adult film actor Colt Steele
Messages: Moderated.
Photos: 3 pictures of Colt Steele

Colt Steele Fan Club

Description: Fan group of Colt Steele, the gorgeous erotic film star and former Chippendale.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 67 pictures of Colt Steele, solo and action

Chip Nicolas

Description: A group for this hottie. aka Ciprian, Niko, Ciprian Nicolae.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership

Castro Str8 Up

Description: Welcome to official Castro club! He's taking over another venue in adult entertainment world and this time ladies are getting his 11 inch thick tool.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Dante and Charlie

Description: This group invited you to share photos, clips on this outstanding couple, Dante (Jonathan Simms) and his wife Charlie.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 88 pictures of Jonathan Simms and Charlie.

Derek Russo

Description: An announcement list for fans and friends of fitness, physique and figure model Derek Russo.
Messages: Moderated.
Photos: 85 pictures of Derek Russo, solo and with women

Dang Antonio Fan Club

Description: Antonio is the newest male adult entertainer out there. This built 25 yr with a 8 inch thick piece has the look of a male cover model, but attitude of a down to earth guy.
Messages: Moderated.
Photos: 14 pictures of Dang Antonio, solo and action.

Denis Marti

Description: Welcome to the yahoo group of a great italian stud, Denis Marti.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Danny Boy

Description: This group is dedicated to young and excellent British adult films star Danny Boy
Messages: Un-moderated.

Eric Everhard

Description: For fans of adult film star Erik Everhard
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 14 videos of Eric Everhard.
Photos: 271 pictures of Eric Everhard, solo and action.

Euro Male Stars

Description: Euro male porn stars
Messages: Moderated.

Frank Major Fan

Description: This site is for Frank Major's devoted fans. Your welcome to share files. Make sure you upload high quality pics, links and vids. This is his shrine so were going to worship him cause he's The Hungarian God.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: Pictures of Frank Major, solo and action
Photos: 35 pictures of Frank Major, solo and action.

Frank Gunn

Description: One of the most hottest, handsome and strong porn actors, Frank Gunn.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Friendly Fire Cumshot

Description: Straight porn actors accidentally cumming on each other during double penetration, simultaneous cum shots, or gangbangs, or double cream pies.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Fausto Moreno

Description: The Italian super stallion - Fausto Moreno
Messages: Un-moderated.

Figi aka Pavel Grosse

Description: Fans of Figi aka Pavel Grosse
Messages: Un-moderated.

Frank Shaft

Description: The Worshipping Frank's shaft is based on the only dark skin male adult entertainer that I lust for over a decade. His name is Frank Shaft and what a shaft he has. He's a former NFL player, who have done allot of great scenes with major explosive wad shoots.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Euro Male Porn Stars in bisexual action - 01 Euro Male Porn Stars in bisexual action - 02 Euro Male Porn Stars in bisexual action - 03 Euro Male Porn Stars in bisexual action - 04 Euro male porn stars in bisexual action - 05
Bi Gallery 1 Bi Gallery 2 Bi Gallery 3 Bi Gallery 4 Bi Gallery 5

Guide to Str8 Male Stars

Description: A place for those who like to see hot str8 men in action. Find out what that hot guy's name is and where you can see more of him.
Messages: Moderated.
Files: 6 videos of Male Porn Stars and a couple of pictures
Photos: 56 Folders of Male Porn Stars (such as Adam Wilde, Bobby Vitale, Dale Dabone, Colt Steele, Jack Napier, Karl Ben, Lee Stone, Hakan, Jon West, Nacho Vidal, Randy West, Scott Styles and more)
Links: Links to other Str8 Male Porn Star Groups

Gorgeous Bi Guys

Description: A fan group dedicated to gorgeous male models and film stars who swing both ways
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 6 videos from different male porn stars.
Photos: Folders who swing both ways such as Mario Rossi, Lex Balwin, Zdeno Reif.

Guyz Eatin Snatch

Description: This is a place for you to post pics of HOT guyz eatin some HOT snatch. See many of your favorite str8 adult stars spread their legs W-I-D-E to provide total access to their goodies.
Messages: Moderated.
Photos: 300+ pictures of male porn stars eating pussy

George Reno

Description: Hungarian Porn Star - George Reno
Messages: Moderated.
Files: Pictures of George Reno
Photos: 172 pictures of George Reno

George Uhl

Description: Fan site dedicated to Str8 super stud George Uhl aka George Towns.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 4 videos of George Uhl. Includes some pictures, solo and action.
Photos: 63 pictures of George Uhl, solo and action.

Grant Michaels

Description: Grant Michaels is the handsome muscle guy that I love to see him showing his action with himself or other people I like so much and I think Grant is a sexy star of straight male I would like to share his gallery and more detail about him.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Files: Pictures of Grant Michaels in zip format.
Photos: 262 pictures of Grant Michaels, solo and action.

Hakan Beckbreaker

Description: Hakan Beckbreaker (Note: Hakan is the moderator of this group)
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: Pictures from the video clips in the File section.
Files: 3 video clips uploaded by Hakan


Description: Welcome to my new group. Moderator is Hakan
Messages: Un-moderated.


Description: Fans of Hakan
Messages: Un-moderated.

Hakan Joel Vids

Description: The largest collection of downloadable Hakan Joel videos. Download MPEG, DivX, Avi, Real... Share your videos here.
Messages: Un-moderated.


Description: Fans of Hakan
Messages: Un-moderated.

Hot Sexy Str8 Men

Description: Hot Sexy Str8 Men
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 121 pics of various str8 porn stars such as Billy Glide, Booby Vitale, and Vince Voyeur.
Files: 34 video clips

Hot Horny Male Stars

Description: This group site is dedicated for fans of horny, hot and hung male stars, str8, gay or bi.
Messages: Moderated.

Ian Scott

Description: For fans of Ian Scott
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 9 videos of Ian Scott
Photos: 19 pictures of Ian Scott, solo and action.

Jordan Perry

Description: For fans of Jordan Perry
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 1 video of Jordan Perry
Photos: 136 pictures of Jordan Perry, action

Jerry Butler

Description: This group is dedicated to the sexy and controversial '80's adult film stud Jerry Butler. Please post any pics or videos you may have of him!
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 8 videos of Jerry Butler.

Julian Rivers

Description: Julian Central...All about this stud.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 8 videos of Julian Rivers
Photos: 211 pictures of Julian rivers, solo and action.

Julian Rios Crib

Description: The newest addition of Julian's webring of Yahoo Groups. He's definitely the most handsome and the hottest among Str8 Male Performer in the adultbiz.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: Pictures of Julian Rios
Photos: 84 pictures of Julian Rios, solo and action.

Julian Rivers

Description: Welcome to Love4Julian. Group dedicated to Adult Star Julian Rivers
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 11 videos of Julian Rivers
Photos: 32 folders of Julian Rivers with different women

Julian Fans 2

Description: So many Julian groups around, but this is the one with all the mediocre pictures weeded out. feast upon all the best of the thousand of Julian pictures.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 59 pictures of Julian Rios, solo and action, str8 and gay

Julian Rios

Description: Welcome to the newest Yahoo Group of Julian
Messages: Un-moderated.

Julian Rios Perfect Stud

Description: Fans of Julian Rios
Messages: Un-moderated.

Julian Rios Fan Group

Description: This group is dedicated to Julian "The Icon of Porn Industry." This is about helping each other to collect all his pictures and movies.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.

Jon Vincent

Description: Fans of Daddy Jon Vincent
Messages: Moderated.

Joel Lawrence

Description: This group is dedicated to this awesome handsome straight guy. As a performer he has done lots of x rated movies, to know about him and his filmography check the links section.
Messages: Moderated.
Files: 8 videos of Joel Lawrence
Photos: 192 pictures of Joel Lawrence, solo and action.

Jayce Xaveri

Description: My name is Jayce Xaveri and I am a British straight male performer within the adult industry. I have decided to setup this yahoo group to show my pictures and clips from my modeling.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 14 pictures of Jayce Xaveri

James Bonn Fan Club

Description: Welcome to the fan club for one of the sexiest and most talented stars of adult, James Bonn.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 39 pictures of James Bonn, solo and action.

John E Depth

Description: Fans of John E Depth
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Photos: 150 pictures of John e Depth, solo and action.

James Lewis

Description: This is a fan group dedicated to late 80s and early 90s German adult star, James Lewis (aka Clemett). He is one of the hottest horse men of all time; who has shown his abilities, handsome face, hot body and big uncut cock in many movies and magazines.
Messages: Moderated.
Photos: 66 pictures of James Lewis, solo and action.

Jenner Fans (Jenner is a member of the group)

Description: This group is a dedicated celebration of the all new, good looking, sensuous, heroically endowed porn stud, Jenner.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 24 pictures of Jenner, mostly solos

Joe Black

Description: Fans of Joe Black
Messages: Moderated.
Files: Folders arranged according to Joe Black's partner.
Photos: 10 pictures of Joe Black

Jack Venice

Description: Welcome to the group dedicated to the hot man Jack Venice. From what I have gathered this is the one and only group dedicated to Jack Venice. Be sure and add pictures, movies, and links, whatever you may have.
Messages: Moderated.
Photos: 49 pictures of Jack Venice

Jack Venice

Description: The fan group for Jack Venice, the incredibly beautiful and sexy new star of adult films. Jack formerly served overseas and now is realizing his dreams of stardom.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Jonathan Simms

Description: Jonathan Simms is the hottest hunk in adult movie. Check out his X X X photos where he is showing us all and are doing everything with girls.
Messages: Moderated.
Files: 15 videos of Jonathan Simms
Photos: 200++ pictures of Jonathan Simms

Joey Murphy

Description: This is a fan group dedicated to Joey Murphy, the very hot European, adult model.
Messages: Moderated.

John West

Description: For the raw & sexy Italian Jon West.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Files: 20 videos of John West.
Photos: 200++ pictures of John West, solo and action.

Joe Zaso

Description: This is a site dedicated to a very talented, up and coming actor Joe Zaso.
Messages: Moderated.

Justin Syder Fan Club

Description: Join the fan group for Justin Syder, the hottest most handsome new stud of adult films.
Messages: Moderated.

Joachim Kessef Fan Club

Description: This is a group for anyone who enjoys the work of adult star/director of Joachim Kessef.
Messages: Un-moderated.

James Deen

Description: This group is dedicated to youngest and excellent US adult films star James Deen
Messages: Un-moderated.

James Brossman

Description: Fans of James Brossman
Messages: Moderated.

Johnny Castle

Description: New American star - Johnny Castle
Messages: Un-moderated.

Tidbit on Johnny Castle: Johnny Castle is Brock at Straight Guys for Gay Eyes, a site for str8 male porn stars specially made for men

Johnny Castle

Description: An announcement group dedicated to the career and images of actor, model and athlete Johnny-Castle
Messages: Moderated.

Johnny Castle Exposed

Description: Johnny Castle is the newest male adult entertainer out there and he has moved to California
Messages: Moderated.

Jerry Kovach 

Description: This is a fan group dedicated to Jerry, the very hot Slovakian, adult superstar. He is one of the hottest looking, best built, current horse men. He has shown his studly abilities, handsome face, chiseled body, suckable nipples, and big bent uncut cock, in many movies and clips, lots of stills, and a few magazines.
Messages: Moderated.

Jon Dough

Description: For all you lovers of furry straight porn star Jon Dough.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Jon Dough

Description: This group is for lovers of the late, great Jon Dough.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.

Jack LawrenceJack Lawrence Fans (Jack is the owner of the group)

Description: Welcome to the Official Jack Lawrence Fan Group. I love my fans, so please provide questions for me to answer. Feel free to take a look around. There are over 3,500 messages that I have personally responded to, photos, links to my website, polls, files and many other features and they are all for you, the fan.
Messages: Moderated.

Joe Monti Group

Description: Fans of Joe Monti
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.

John E Depth

Description: What's up everyone? This is John E. Depth. Thanks to all my fans that help make D.E.F what it is today. Feel free to post your messages and comments to me here in this group.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Jean Val Jean

Description: French hot stud, Jean Val Jean
Messages: Un-moderated.

Kris Slater

Description: Fans of Kris Slater
Messages: Moderated.
Files: 6 videos of Kris Slater
Photos: 60 pictures of Kris Slater, solo and action.

Kris Slater Stud Puppy

Description: I started this group without knowing who this yummy stud puppy was. Connoisseurs pointed him out as Kris Slater.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Karl Ben Male Star

Description: This group is dedicated to the beautiful and sexy straight male star Karl Ben.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 27 pictures of Karl Ben, solo and action

Kurt Lockwood

Description: Welcome to the fan site featuring Kurt Lockwood, str8 adult entertainer. If you also enjoy sexy handsome str8 guys, then you will appreciate this new Kurt Lockwood Yahoo! Group.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Photos: 143 pictures of Kurt Lockwood, solo and action.

Tidbit on Kurt Lockwood: Kurt Lockwood bottoms on cam. First, Kurt Lockwood starred in an all male solo movie Str8 Shots marketed for gay men. Then in Devinn Lane's Guide To Strap-On Sex 1, Kurt Lockwood gets fucked by some chick with a strap on. Not only that, he eats his own load from the chick's pussy. What's next? Bisexual? Hopefully, GAY PORN.

Kyle Stone Adult Legend

Description: Kyle Stone : Adult Legend
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 21 pictures of Kyle Stone, solo and action.

Kris KnightKris Knight

Description: A fan club for the handsome young new star of adult films, Kris Knight. Let's help Kris gain more roles and popularity.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 63 pictures of Kris Knight, solo and action

Tidbit on Kris Knight: Kris Knight has changed his screen name to Myles Camack. Why? I hope it's because he wants to do gay films :)

Lee Henshaw

Description: All about hot Lee.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 136 pictures of Lee Hensahaw, solo and action.

Lexington Steele

Description: This group is dedicated to Lexington Steele and the ladies he slays in his flicks.
Messages: Moderated.

Lucky Star

Description: Lucky Star is a young African-American straight adult star as well as an aspiring musical star. This group is consisted of his fans who enjoy discussion of Lucky's career.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Mark Davis

Description: A tribute site for the hottest well-endowed straight Brit Adult Star.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 21 pictures of Mark Davis, solo and action
Photos: 8 pictures of Mark Davis, solo and action

Mike Horner

Description: This is a group dedicated to handsome, str8 actor, Mike Horner (Don Hart, Johnny Wilson).
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Files: A couple of pictures of Mike Horner
Photos: 160 pictures of Mike Horner, solo and action.

Mario Rossi

Description: This group is dedicated to the Hungarian straight adult movie star Mario Rossi. This is a place for fans to talk about him and his movies and to share his straight photos and video clips of him (some gay pictures are placed in the Sandor Vesanyi folder of the Photos Section).
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 6 videos of Mario Rossi
Photos: 136 pictures of Mario Rossi, solo and action, str8 and gay.

Maxx Bixel Shrine

Description: A tribute site for Matt Bixel's fans.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 106 solo pictures.

Tidbit on Maxx Bixel: Maxx Bixel is Danny Rhymes in gay porn (He sucks,
self-fucks and got fucked).

Marco G

Description: Straight German Stud, Marco G
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: Pictures of Marco
Photos: 101 pictures of Marco G

Michael Scorpio Fans

Description: A fan club for the hottest new star of adult films, big hot, hunky Michael Scorpio.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 75 pictures of Michael Scorpio, solo and action.


Description: This group is dedicate to the sexy ass adult film star Mr. Marcus
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 82 pictures of Marcus, solo and action

Manuel Rosari

Description: This is the place to share pics or vids about this hot German stud. Everyone is welcome, please post pics about Manuel or other German studs...
Messages: Un-moderated.

Mr. Pete

Description: Mr. Pete - Sexiest straight male adult movie star. A real young beauty, handsome, very passionate and excellent lover
Messages: Un-moderated.

Men 4U Str8 Male Adult Stars Solo

Description: Hot Str8 Male Adult Stars Solo. No chicks allowed.
Messages: Moderated.

Male Adult Actors

Description: Group for all fans of straight male European or American adult stars.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Mandingo Files

Description: Just quality pics and short clips of Mandingo - the porn star with the biggest dick in the biz.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Marcus LondonMarcus London

Description: Welcome to the official Marcus London group. In this group you will find tons of pics from your favorite adult stars, video links, polls, information on your stars, and much much more.
Messages: Moderated.


Description: You can enjoy of pictures of the male star. You can send message and ask questions about them.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Mick Blue

Description: Fans of Mick Blue
Messages: Un-moderated.

Male Porn Stars

Description: Str8 male porn stars
Messages: Un-moderated.

Martin Dante

Description: Hot new stud Martin Dante Straight
Messages: un-moderated.

Martin Kaspar

Description: Hot stud Martin Kaspar
Messages: Un-moderated.

Male Adult Stars For You

Description: This group is for the fans of the best male adult stars, str8 or gay, very well endowed, best looking, stunningly hot and most passionate, both black and white.
Messages: Moderated.

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