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Gay Porn Star Yahoo Groups - C to D

NOTE: To receive pictures, set delivery of emails to Individual Messages. Attachments in messages are not anymore stored online.

Moderated: All messages sent are approved by the Moderator of the group. Less or no Spam.
Restricted Membership: A requirement is needed prior to joining. In most cases, the age in your profile ( must be shown.

Chad Douglas Fans

Description: For all the Chad Douglas fans.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 3 videos of Chad Douglas.
Photos: 48 pictures of Chad, solo and action.

Chad Douglas Hung Dad

Description: A picture gallery of the hot daddy stud Chad Douglas.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Classic Male Porn Stars

Description: Here is where you may find postings of classic male porn star pics & videos...Scott O'Hara, David Ashfield, Rick Donovan, Buster, Matt Ramsey, Leo& many more.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 21 videos of gay porn stars (such as Rex Chandler and Matt Ramsey)
Photos: 23 albums (Tick Donovan, Aiden Shaw, Kurt Marshall, Jeff Hammond, Shane Rockland, Steve Hammond, Jack Wrangler, Mike Branson, Scott Baldwin, Randy Spears, Chad Hunt, Cody Foster, Dick Master and more)

Classic Male Porn Stars 2

Description: Galleries of David Ashfield, Brian Estevez, Buster, Kurt Williams, Bobby Madison, and "Chance" It will grow slowly but it will grow..
Messages: Moderated. Restricted Membership.
Files: 1 video of gay porn star
Photos: 8 folders of gay porn stars (Buster, Kurt Marshall, and more)

Colby Taylor - SOLOColby Taylor Hot Gay

Description: This page shall be a place were fans of great star Colby Taylor meet.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 6 videos of Colby Taylor
Photos: 89 pictures of Colby Taylor, solo and action.

Chad Hunt

Description: A place for worldwide fans of adult star Chad Hunt.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 294 pictures of Chad Hunt, solo and action.

Chad Hunt Video

Description: For fans of Chad Hunt and gay videos.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 22 videos of Chad Hunt

Chad Hunt Fan Club

Description: Official home of Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Chad Hunt
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Carlo Festa

Description: For fans of the smooth and cute Czech Carlo Festa.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 264 pictures of Carlo Festa, solo and action.

Chad Knight

Description: Online picture posting and discussion group for fans of adult star Chad Knight.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Files: 1 zip containing 70 pictures of Chad Knight
Photos: 6 pictures of Chad Knight, action

Christian Taylor Hot

Description: the new group dedicated to the hot newcomer Christian Taylor. And a couple of his friends (Ashton Ryan and Aaron Nichols) from junior studio.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: Assorted pictures arranged in different folders (Christian Taylor, Ashton Black, pictures from American Way and more)

Chris Stone Lovers

Description: For lovers of Gay Star Chris Stone. The group is all about promoting and supporting Chris, a true gay legend who deserves much more web attention and respect from true fans
Messages: Moderated. Restrictive membership.

Crazy 4 Classic Males

Description: This site is dedicated to the hot male studs of adult films from the 70's, 80's and early 90's like Tim Kramer, Brian Hawkes, Mark Jennings, Ted Cox, Todd Baron, Jon King, Jack Wrangler, Leo and Lance, The Noll "brothers", and many many more.
Messages: Moderated.
Files: 4 videos and pictures of gay porn stars.
Photos: 34 Folders of gay porn stars (Adam Stuart, Brian Hawkes, Chad Douglas, Chad Knight, Chris Lance, Frank Evans, Jeff Styker, Jeremy Scott, Jack Wrangler, Lance, Kurt Marshall, Leo Ford, Matt Ramsey, Mike Henson, Ted Cox, Tim Kramer and more)

Collin Jennings

Description: Group for the Ex-Marine who became an actor in gay adult movies.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Crazy 4 Classic Red Heads

Description: This club is dedicated to Adam Stuart, Randy Page, Robert Harris and all the super hot redheads of the 70's, 80's and 90's. Whether they are bright red, dark auburn, strawberry blonde or bleached orange, you'll find all your favorite classic redheads here.
Messages: Moderated.
Files: Pictures of Adam Stuart, Randy Page and Robert Harris (solo and action)
Photos: 300+ pictures of red head porn stars such as Adam Stuart, Randy Page, and Robert Harris.


Description: The Big Chance Shrine
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Photos: 222 pictures of Chance, solo and action

Chance (Italian)

Description: Chance is a gay porn star who has not appeared in many pornographic films. He has, however, been in numerous photo sets. He also starred with Johan Paulik in Bel Ami's An American in Prague, the highest-grossing gay pornographic film to date.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 88 pictures of Chance, solo and action

Chad Tomas
(Chad is a member of the group)

Description: Msg from Chad: Hi and thanks for joining my group. I am a hot up and coming adult film star. I have completed 6 films the first that was released on May 15th, Called "Rebel" from Catalina Video. I am sexually versatile but do enjoy bottoming for a hung guy. I am currently filming a video for Hot House and working again with All Worlds Video next month. Again thanks for joining and I will try and participate in this group as much as possible.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Photos: 7 pictures of Chad.

Classic Male Stars 2

Description: Classic male stars
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Files: 6 videos and a couple of classic male star pictures

Caesar Forever

Description: Your group for the best guy in the universe of gay stars. He's one of the hottest performer ever. And we love to see more.... Caesar
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Photos: 46 pictures of Caesar, solo and action.

Tidbit on Caesar: Caesar does live shows for his fans at his Official website (with membership)


Description: Enjoy and Share the best Chi Chi La Rue's pictures of the films, share all the pictures that you've got! Please collaborate and send your email with pics
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Photos: 214 pictures of models from Chichilarue

Colin O'neal

Description: This group represents The Hot House Entertainment exclusive Collin O’Neal
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 69 pictures of Collin O'neal, solo and action.

Colt Studio

Description: We will share with you what makes up a TRUE COLT man. We will share with you some of the images, video clips, and trailers that feature today's hottest COLT Men. More muscular, masculine, natural men that you've come to love like Pete Kuzak, Carl Hardwick, John Pruitt, Steve Kelso and Jake Tanner will be joined by recent discoveries like sculpted beauty Adam Dexter, Dave Angelo and scorching hot Tod Parker.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Files: Folders with names containing pictures of the stars like Owen Hawk, Neal Shaw, Mike Timber, Todd Maxwell, Steve Kelso, Pete Kuzak and more)
Photos: Folders with names containing pictures of the stars like Al Parker, Tony Mills, Dave Lash and more

Chuck DiRocco

Description: This new group is dedicated to Chuck Dirocco, the hung and hot man of the first scene in Raging Stallion's "Chute".
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 2 videos of Chuck Dirocco in Chute.
Photos: 215 pictures of Chuck Dirocco, solo and action.

Chris SteeleChris Steele Fans

Description: This is a group for the gay star Chris Steele
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 7 videos from Czech Point
Photos: 51 pictures of Chris Steele, solo and action.

Carlos Morales Place

Description: Welcome at Carlos Morales Place. We hope you will enjoy you're stay here.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 1 video of Carlos Morales
Photos: 44 pictures of Carlos Morales, solo and action.

Chris Neal

Description: Chris Neal - Superhung Tattoo Stud
Messages: Moderated.
Files: 6 videos of Chris Neal
Photos: 25 pictures of Chris Neal, mostly solos

Czech Slovak Guys

Description: A group dedicated to Czechian and Slovakian gay male adult stars
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Photos: 112 pictures of Czech and Slovak gay porn stars.

Chris Williams

Description: Chris Williams was one of the fine young man of the gay industry of the Eighties, it represented so much the joy in life and the youth which there will remain forever fixed in the radiant image of his 24 years. This beautiful fair man indeed left us on 11 September 1991 carried by the AIDS!
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 1 video of Chris Williams wanking.

Corey Summer Fans

Description: This Yahoo! Group is dedicated to adult film star Corey Summers and all his fans!
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Photos: 32 pictures of Corey Summers, solo and action.

Cameron Sage

Description: The first fan group for big beefy blond beauty, Cameron Sage.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 171 pictures of Cameron Sage, solo and action.

Chase Hunter

Description: A group for the gay porn star Chase Hunter
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 43 pictures of Chase Hunter, solo and action.

Colton Ford Fans

Description: Sit back and enjoy some horny pics of this great hunk of a man, Colton Ford.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Files: 10 videos of Colton Ford
Photos: 34 pictures of Colton Ford, solo and action.

Christopher Scott

Description: Fans of Christopher Scott
Messages: Moderated.
Files: 1 video of Christopher Scott
Photos: 153 pictures of Christopher Scott, solo and action

(Castro is a member)

Description: He's the newest bad boy to hit the scene. And he's making mega waves. This is his official yahoo group!
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 23 pictures of Castro, with men and women.

Cody Foster

Description: This site is about Cody. Please post items related to Cody only.
Messages: Moderated.

Chip Noll (Chip Noll is a member)

Description: Chip Noll, A Hot blond stud. Chip is an active member and Moderator. Join the group for Pics, comments, and a worship site for this hot stud.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Chip Noll Vids

Description: This group is mainly for the posting of large video clips featuring Chip Noll.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Cole Ryan

Description: Cole Ryan, a bushy-browed little brunet. Cole's innocent face seems for real and he does kickboxing in real life and shows moves that prove practice. I guess that's where he has been getting his physical workouts. He gets himself hard and shows off a fine long dick. His body has benefited from his hobby, as it's exceptionally tight and lean.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Claudio Antonelli

Description: All about Claudio Antonelli, gay Italian adult film star.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Carlos Baxter

Description: Fans of Carlos Baxter
Messages: Un-moderated.

Chris Russel

Description: Fans of Chris Russel
Messages: Moderated.

Cameron Jackson

Description: Cameron Jackson is undoubtedly one of the absolute hottest boys to ever grace a film, and that he's also in some of the hottest gay flicks available and being produced today is an added bonus.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Carey Lexes

Description: This Yahoo-group is dedicated to the cute Czech gay twink porn star Carey Lexes.
Messages: Moderated.

Chaykin Brothers and Friends

Description: The stars who played in the same movies as Sascha and Roman Chaykin
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Cameron JacksonCameron Jackson

Description: Cameron Jackson - hot Czech model deserves new group.
Messages: Moderated.

Cole Tucker

Description: This hot tattooed leather pig will make you beg for more.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Chris Rockway

Description: Fans of Chris Rockway
Messages: Moderated.

Christian OwenChristian Owen

Description: Fans of Christian Owen
Messages: Un-moderated.

Carl Hardwick Universal

Description: This is the place to post hot pictures of Carl Hardwick. Do not post URLs for other groups or sites without consulting moderators. Send me as many photos as you can of this man. All your contributions are welcome, feel free to send anything including pictures or messages of our idol.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Danny Sommers Fan Club

Description: Danny Sommers Fan Club - Dedicated to the Naughty Boy of gay porn.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 3 videos (one from Down Home with Kris Lord)
Photos: 250 pictures of Danny Sommers, solo and action.

Derek Cameron

Description: For fans of Derek Cameron
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 300+ pictures of Derek Cameron, solo and action.

Derek Cameron Superstar

Description: Hot star Derek Cameron.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 55 pictures of Derek Cameron, mostly solos.

Derek Cameron Fan Club

Description: Online picture posting and discussion group for one of the hottest bottoms in the business, Derek Cameron.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 1 zip containing 52 pictures of Derek Cameron
Photos: 6 pictures of Derek Cameron, solo and action

Derek Cameron Group

Description: This is a Yahoo! Group entirely devoted to the perfect, the precious, the cute, the gorgeous, the delicious, the star, the bottom, Derek Cameron.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 3 videos of Derek Cameron
Photos: Pictures arranged by videos which Derek Cameron appeared such as Bounce, Fever, Sex Psycho, The Chosen, Three Brothers and more

Derek Russo aka Hal McCormic Fans

Description: Derek Russo I Hal McCormick fans - All about Derek or Hal, as you know him.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 281 pictures of Derek, all solos.

Dean Coulter Fans

Description: A fan site for hot Titan gay porn star Dean Coulter. This tattooed, muscle bound buff cub is popular in bear circles. Perhaps the cutest cub on the planet.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Files: 6 videos with lots of pictures of Dean Coulter.
Photos: 8 pictures of Dean Coulter.

Dean Coulter Hot Bear

Description: Fans of Dean Coulter
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Dean Phoenix Fans

Description: This club is for the die hard fans of this good-looking hunk, Dean Phoenix.
Messages: Moderated. Closed membership.

Danny Lopez Fans

Description: Fans of Danny Lopez
Messages: Moderated.
Photos: 300++ pictures of Danny Lopez, solo and action.

Diesel, fans of

Description: This hunk has appeared in Addiction and Try Me On For a Size.
Messages: Moderated.
Photos: 12 pictures of Diesel

Dino Phillips Fan Club

Description: A Group for all fans of one of the most active gay movie star of today. He performs in more than 100 videos. Dino Phillips we love You.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 62 pictures of Dino Phillips, solo and action.

Dred Scott

Description: All of us know the horny dirty face unique tattoos of Dred Scott from titan videos! But the pics are seldom found in internet so far. This group wants to help all the fans of Dred Scott placing trading pics.
Messages: Moderated.
Photos: 71 pictures of Dred Scott, solo and action

Daniel Montesa

Description: This is a group for those who like and admire the amazing hunk Daniel Montesa
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 21 solo pictures of Daniel Montesa

Diego and Friends

Description: This group is for those who enjoy the work of vintage French guy Diego (Stan Piotr), his associates and other male stars of the period in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Brazil. Please post to the group if you can.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Files: 200++ pictures of Diego
Photos: 200++ pictures of Diego

Dino Dimarco Fans

Description: Group dedicated to sexy hunk Dino Dimarco.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 19 pictures of Dino Dimarco, solo and action.

David Ashfield

Description: David Ashfield, gay star of the 80's.
Messages: Moderated.
Files: 10 folders with pictures of David Ashfield.
Photos: Pictures of David Ashfield same as the file section.

Devin Davenport

Description: This yahoo group is for fans of the Adult Gay Star, Devin Davenport.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 22 solo pictures of Devin Davenport.

DC Chandler - Gay Porn StarDC Chandler

Description: The site is for fans of the hot young Adult star DC Chandler.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Files: 6 videos of CD Chandler
Photos: 13 solo pictures of DC Chandler

DC Chandler Fans

Description: This group is for all the fans of hot adult star hunk DC Chandler! Post messages, pictures, video clips, links, information, etc., as long as it has to do with this star.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Photos: 58 pictures of DC Chandler, solo and action.

Dylan ReeceDylan Reece Fans

Description: This group is dedicated to Dylan Reece and all his fans. We'll do our best to post photos and video clips whenever possible.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Photos: 200++ pictures of Dylan Reece

Dean MonroeDean Monroe

Description: Fans of Dean Monroe
Messages: Moderated.
Photos: 194 pictures of Dean Monroe, solo and action.

Tidbit on Dean Monroe: Dean Monroe does web cam show online almost every month at his official website at Falcon Studios.

Danny Rhymes

Description: This groups is for pictures of Danny Rhymes, who also goes by the name of Brady Powers and Chuck for his gay stuff; and for his straight stuff Matt Bixel.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.
Files: Lots of pictures of Danny Rhymes, mostly gay.

Danny Rhymes

Description: This is the 2nd group of for pictures of Danny Rhymes, who also goes by the name of Brady Powers and Chuck for his gay stuff; and for his straight stuff Matt Bixel.
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.

Daniel Avedon

Description: This is a picture site dedicated to MY favorite Bel Ami model - Daniel Avedon. He is Czech, but one of his parents is Greek... an interesting mix...He did four movies for Bel Ami, one for Men's Best and one for Ikarus.
Messages: Un-moderated.
Photos: 17 pictures of Daniel Avedon, solo and action.

Danny Vox

Description: For fans of Danny Vox
Messages: Un-moderated. Restricted membership.
Photos: 74 pictures of Danny Vox, mostly solos

Doug Jeffries

Description: Welcome to the Doug Jeffries Yahoo Group. This group pays tribute to one of the best actor/directors in the adult industry.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Dave Russel

Description: A group for Dave Russell fans
Messages: Moderated.

Damien Crosse (Damien is a member)

Description: At 24 I am the youngest Titan Men Exclusive to be signed as of yet. I'm very proud to work for Titan, the company responsible for producing some of the best films in the industry. I'm 5'8" and 170-pound top. Other than porn, I also bartend for a living here in Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday and Friday nights at China White as well as Steel on Saturday nights and the Jackhammer on Sunday.
Messages: Moderated. Restricted membership.

Dakota James

Description: A group devoted to hot muscle stud and rising adult-movie star Dakota James (AKA Bryson Richards).
Messages: Moderated.

Dick Competition

Description: This is a group dedicated to comparing the dicks of male adult stars (gay and straight).
Messages: Un-moderated.

Darin HawkDarin Hawk Fan Club

Description: This is a fan club for COLT Man Darin Hawk, one of the newest exclusives to join the COLT stable of men. The group is run and moderated by Darin himself.
Messages: Moderated.

Dominik Trojan

Description: This Yahoo-group is dedicated to the mega cute Czech gay twink porn star Dominik Trojan
Messages: Moderated.

Daniel KrileyDaniel Kriley

Description: You may have seen Daniel Kriley (aka Philipe Collier) in the past in other groups.
Messages: Moderated.

Daniel Morocco

Description: This group is about the hottest longhaired muscle dude Daniel Morocco.
Messages: Un-moderated.

Dirk JagerDirk Jager

Description: A place for the fans of Dirk Jager. Please feel free to join this club. Club participation is highly encourage, adding your posts, links, pics and files of this gay adult star.
Messages: Un-moderated.

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